Welcome to the HSEL Ambassador Program!  We appreciate your passion to help grow the high school esports community. 

We know with your help, this dream we share can become a reality.   If you need anything, at any time, please reach out!  


** Please check your email for a confirmation link - Included is a Calendly link to set up your first phone call. **


  • Please join our discord to make things easier on both of us :) -  - After your second school signs up you will get a special role/tag here.
  • You will be sent your "Ambassador ID"  - It will be your Initials plus an assigned number - Ex. Mason Mullenioux would look like >  MM - 021 - This is what you will give to the schools you pitch so we know they came from you! 
  • You will be sent a shared folder of Ambassador Tools.  These are info graphics, decks, and all the information about HSEL that you will need to pitch any administrator at any school.
  • As part of your on-boarding, you will be required to attend an initial training session to go over all these materials, as well as strategy to get schools to sign up!