Why Esports in School?

Esports has many benefits to parents, school, and students when they all work together. 



Students who actively play video games now have an outlet to compete and make friends nationwide. esports is growing at such an expansive rate that universities are offering partial to full scholarships to play esports. Pathways to higher education are being created through the development of this new industry.



Schools benefit by reaching students that are uninterested in typical extracurricular activities. According to Pew Research Center, 2015, 72% of all teens play video games, and this number is only getting larger. Encouraging scholastic engagement with video games gives schools the power to raise school-wide test scores through grade incentives, just like sports. Schools will also have another outlet to help students pursue college education because of the development of scholarship programs at universities. 



After reading about student and school benefits, it should be clear that there is opportunity for children. Esports opens new doors to higher education by motivating the scholastic side of student gamers. It is a tide that rises all ships. Allowing your child to participate in such programs generates opportunity for their success. Help foster the growth of esports by volunteering to help with you child's Esports Club!

Teen Video Game Players

72% of all teens

Of gamers that play online

Partnership Is Key

The HSEL Partnership Program provides High Schools with the many tools needed to build esports into their school. Our Mission is as follows:


Legitimate & Universal organization

The HSEL strives to bring a level, universal platform of competition to school centered esports teams. Through professional tournament organization and administration, the HSEL will bring seamless, easy, and rewarding esports competition to your school. 



The HSEL acts on accord for all high schools, bring the best deals for PC's, jerseys, and other miscellaneous pain-points that comes with starting an esports program. We make strategic partnerships with major esports companies to ensure schools receive the best deals possible in growing their programs.



The HSEL sees it necessary that educating high schools about the ins and outs of esports is fundamental to a programs success. Seminars, coaching and live video sessions will be held to ensure your club is maximizing its potential and reaching every student possible.